Strategic Analysis

Our core competancy lies in our ability to assess situations, technologies, business operations, even industries from a strategic viewpoint. We apply a unique perspective to issues, quickly alternating between details at the smallest level and overarching macro-level behavior to distill an issue to the fundamental strategic drivers.

Technical Evaluation

We assess technical submissions for investor groups and design firms, identifying critical design paths and potential flaws.

Conceptual Design

Given an client's initial vision of an idea, we complete a conceptual design, incorporating commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies where appropriate, and identifying key technology development requirements.

Operations Optimization

We offer a wide variety of services that are designed to help you improve the efficiency of your capabilities.

  • Lean Planning
    Lean manufacturing concepts are critical to the success of large-scale manufacturing. We assess current operations and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Team Building
    Identifying new concepts, procedures, and opportunities are worthless unless you can also obtain a buy-in from your existing workforce. Not only can we help define the advantages and paths leading to new revenue sources or savings, we also can assist in training your workforce to use these new approaches, or guide your hiring process to ensure you obtain the best resources for the project.
  • Plant Layout
    Workflow optimization contributes to an operation's overall efficiency. We utilize Lean Methodologies such as Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, and Design of Experiments to minimize delays and costs associated with manufacturing and inventory issues and bottlenecks.

  • Database Management
    Database systems are critical to managing customer information, inventory control, and project documentation. We develop standalone interfaces from scratch, specifically designed to the unique needs of a client.

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