We strongly feel that this strategy is the right solution for the right problem, and we have worked for years to promote this to decision-makers in DC and NASA. We've developed valuable contacts who are interested in this concept, and who have suggested that now is the time to start expanding our public presence.

Now that you've found us, and have been curious and interested enough to come this far, we'd like to invite you to talk to your friends and colleagues about us, and encourage them to visit our site. The more people who are looking at the strategies that are behind our nation's space industry, the better. Visionary destinations that are intended to simply inspire us to dream aren't enough, we need to focus on the means to create a sustainable industry!

We'd also like for you to let us know who you are, so that we can start deeper conversations into our findings. We've discovered over the years that this is a very subtle issue, and we want you to be as well-informed as possible. We're confident that you will soon be contacting your Congressman about these issues (as well as other space-related topics that you are passionate about), but we'd also like your permission to include you in our correspondance to your Congressmen as a specific constituent who has a vested interest in a sustainable manned orbital space flight industry. Since we've already established paths into Congress, giving us your proxy is a great and effective way to help move this forward.

*Supplying your address is completely optional. In supplying your address, though, you also give permission for your name to be used when discussing this matter with federal agencies.