In 1995, two professionals met and started discussing a means by which a sustainable manned orbital spaceflight industry could be reached. We enjoyed that project so much that we decided to partner our strengths into this consultancy.

We pair the academic and scientific strength of experimental physics with the focused strength of mechanical engineering tempered in the automotive industry. This partnership results in a creative tension between academic possibilities and manufacturing realities capable of producing dynamic and visionary solutions.

Alan D. Thompson, BSME

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla

Alan brings the expertise of mechanical engineering and program management, honed and refined in the high-paced world of automotive manufacturing. The value of his experiences is best revealed in situations where impossible tasks must be accomplished on incredibly short timeframes, while spending the least amount of money possible.

Throughout his 25-year-long career in new product development and launch, he has consistently risen to leadership roles on a variety of projects. From a marketing standpoint, he conducted research that was used to guide company development strategies and identify new product opportunities. He has also been assigned leading roles in the design, design analysis and manufacturing launch phases of various product lines within the automotive industry, most notably taking a spun-formed catalytic converter from initial concept to customer delivery within a span of eight weeks and nearly seven-thousand road miles.

His broad expertise in large-scale manufacturing brings a high-efficiency, low-waste mentality to the projects he is assigned. This approach brings rapid results to all levels of manufacturing, from startups to large-volume.

Gordon P. Smith, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Physics, University of Mississippi
M.A., Physics, University of Mississippi
B.S., Physics, Georgia State University

An experimental physicist by training, Gordon possesses a wide range of interdisciplinary experience within the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing advances, and systems integration. Always looking for ways to utilize the strengths of multiple specialties, he thrives in out-of-the-box situations where creative approaches are required.

He has more than 17 years of experience bridging many different worlds. As an academic, he has trained scores of future engineers and scientists, and developed ties to numerous national laboratories. As an industry professional, he has developed a reputation as a resourceful problem-solver, forming creative teams capable of creating the impossible for challenged clients while managing and overseeing the design, prototyping and production of projects ranging from one-off proofs-of concept for novel multifunctional composite core structures to full-scale wind turbine systems.

His extensive skills in modeling physical systems, collecting data, and integrating multiple engineering disciplines into a single cohesive design coordinate well with his innate abilities to quickly identify and analyze generalized patterns of behavior, bringing a valuable perspective to his assignments.